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Food2rue, women employment through sustainable food


Food de Rue (Street Food)

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The creation of Food2rue is based on a 2 observations. On the one hand, there are 4.7 million women excluded from the society in France who live mainly in poor neighborhoods. 25% are considered poor, and only 50% are in the labor market. 9 out of 10 single-parent households in these neighborhoods have a woman as the head of the family.

On the other hand, there is the restaurant sector and its opportunities: 88 billion turnover in 2015, 10 billion meals taken away from home each year and 60,000 unfilled jobs. In 2016, the founders of Food2rue decided to take advantage of this situation for the common good by creating a 100% female integration culinary incubator!


The project aims to foster professional integration of women far from employment through a professional activity in the restaurant “La Panaméenne” in Paris. The structure employs 12 employees who cook food products from short food chains from Tuesday to Saturday in the 14th district of Paris. Fresh products, bought from local producers, wonderfully cooked, and sold at low prices, “La Panaméenne” has it good on all levels!

Women employees, on their side, see their employability increased thanks to a rich experience within the restaurant. They are also helped in the design and start-up of professional projects, if they wish. So far, Food2rue has been a real success, and has been awarded a Innovation Trophy by the city of Paris in 2017.

Project leaders

Food2rue was co-founded and is managed by Gauthier HAUCHART, a former consultant in business creation. The team is made up of the two other co-founders, now president and treasurer of the association, a coordinator and a technical supervisor, both with long experience in the hotel and / or catering industry, and a career counselor.

The Little Extra

Food2rue provides a vegetarian option for each dish and the possibility of shopping on a short circuit next to the restaurant (from organic and local producers and sellers).

Written by Géraldine Kuhn, LFC volunteer - March 2019. 

Last modification : 28 Apr 2020.

Food de Rue (Street Food)

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Association dedicated to the professional integration of women and the promotion of sustainable food.
Street food (Food de rue) is also an integration project: we train 12 women in catering and food distribution.