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Ooooby is an online platform aimed at households that want to increase their consumption of local, seasonal fruit and vegetables. The service delivers fresh, affordable food parcels. Ooooby stands for "Out Of Our Own Back Yards", and demonstrates the company's commitment to offering its customers quality produce from short supply chains.

How does it work?

Ooooby delivers parcels of fruit, vegetables, eggs, bread, cheese and organically-farmed meat. Priority is given to organic products and those made by local craftsmen (particularly bread and cheese). Consumers put together their parcels online and confirm their order at the start of each week. The parcel, worth between $39 and $98, is then delivered within the week.

Delivery is free for orders over $200. In Auckland, the price of delivery is reduced for orders over $100.

Source: Oooby Facebook page

Ooooby has a large network of local producers and suppliers, listed on their website. All the products come directly from the production sites and Ooooby takes care of packaging them.


Today, Ooooby operates in three regions in New Zealand, including Auckland, Waikato and Christchurch. Recently, the company has expanded, and now offers the same delivery system in Sydney, Australia, as well as several cities in the UK. More than 300,000 parcels have since been delivered to over 30,000 households since the company was founded.

Source: Ooooby Facebook page

Little extra

Oooby is committed to effectively reducing its waste by eliminating plastic from its packaging.
This sheet was produced by Magda Salvatore, Let's Food intern, in June 2021.

This sheet was produced by Magda Salvatore, Let's Food intern, in June 2021.

Last modification : 23 Jan 2024.


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Ooooby is a platform that enables households to buy seasonal, quality produce from short distribution channels.