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This startup was created in 2015 by Franck Wallet in Paris and Bordeaux. It aims at rethinking food waste and uses rock-hard loaves of bread to make cookies and other types of pastry. The main goal is to take up new initiatives in order to reduce waste food and make a better use of it.


It all started with the idea of using stale bread to make flour to be used in several recipes. The startup founder developed a crusher, then called "crumbler", to grind 100 kg of rock-hard bread per hour. Explic'eat also tried to raise awareness on food waste. Zero waste recipes were advertised through workshops and other campaigns. In particular, ten workshops have been conducted every month in canteens, communities, schools etc.

For one year, Explic'eat expanded its business in environmentally friendly buffet, which allowed local bakers to serve their own food.

Nowadays, 25 bakeries in France own the "crumbler" and started using rock-hard bread to make their own recipes. 


At present, 70 bakeries in France own the "Crumbler" crusher and are autonomous in recycling their breads. One bakery can reuse between 2 and 3 tons per year.

The team

The start-up was created in 2015 by Franck Wallet, concerned about food waste. Since then, he was joined by several other people, and today they form a team of 7 people. This small company is supported by the Carrefour Foundation as well as by Elior, Anabase, the Nouvelle Aquitaine region, Bordeaux Métropole, the City of Paris, ADEME and RBMG.

The Little Extra

Several actors are involved in rethinking food waste promoted by Explic'eat, such as local bakers, food sellers and the public.


  • Promote the project, get more bakers involved in rethinking food waste.
  • Recruit an intern in communication field.


  • Provide a crumbler, train bakers in innovative recipes
  • Offer eco-friendly meals.
  • Organize environmentally friendly workshops at schools.

Written by Laure Fontaine, LFC volunteer - Novembre 2018.

Last modification : 29 Mar 2020.


46 ter rue de Leybardie Bordeaux France

Explic'Eat organizes workshops to teach innovative zero waste recipes to all kind of audiences. They also give trainings to chefs on how to cook in a zero waste way.