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VRAC, purchasing groups in lower-income neighborhoods for quality products



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In the priority neighborhoods of the city, neighborhoods where the poverty rate is much higher than in the rest of the territory, access to quality food is difficult due to the price but also because of a lack of supply or lack of knowledge. Income inequalities and therefore inequalities in accessing quality food products have important repercussions in terms of health: “Socio-economic difficulties seem to play an important role in the health status of populations: in the territories where concentrate social difficulties also concentrate health difficulties ”(Observatoire de la santé des Lyonnais). Finally, in addition to the effects on health, these food consumption habits also have an impact on social relations, the meal remaining a moment of connection within the household (OCHA, 2008).


Born in Lyon, the VRAC association aims to promote the emergence of purchasing groups in lower-income neighborhoods. The objective of these purchasing groups is to provide the greatest possible number of quality products from smallscale/organic/fairtrade agriculture at low prices. This is possible thanks to group purchasing, the reduction in the number of intermediaries, the lack of margins, bulk delivery and the involvement of residents in the repackaging and distribution of products. These are therefore purchasing groups for and by the inhabitants of lower-income neighborhoods.

Thus, VRAC allows the inhabitants of these neighborhoods to subscribe to a sustainable and responsible consumption mode, which is based on the collective and local dynamics to cope with precariousness and to offer another relationship to consumption, health and in self-image.

Project leaders

The VRAC-Métropole de Bordeaux association was created in April 2017, with the support of the Lyon team. Today VRAC Bordeaux Métropole is supported by three social landlords (Aquitanis, Mesolia and Domofrance) and the communities. Two project managers develop, animate and coordinate the association.

But it is the inhabitants themselves who are the main promoters of the projects!

The Little Extra

VRAC also exists in Lyon, Strasbourg and Paris and will be developed in Toulouse and Lille.

On the territory of the metropolis of Bordeaux, VRAC is already present in Bacalan, Aubiers, La Benauge, Alpilles-Vincennes (Lormont) and Dravemont (Floirac) and does not intend to stop there!

VRAC regularly offers cooking competitions in neighborhoods to encourage meetings and cultural exchanges!

Written by Pauline Couvelaere, LFC volunteer - November 2018.

Last modification : 11 May 2020.


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VRAC promotes the development of purchasing groups in priority districts.


Nicolas Trézéguet
Coordinateur VRAC 0671349721