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“Les Pieds dans le Plat”: A national network to support canteens transition towards healthy and sustainable food


Les Pieds dans Le Plat

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“Les Pieds dans le Plat” provides training for canteen managers and elected officials on nutrition, culinary techniques or on specific topics (food waste management, education on taste and nutrition ...). For example, specific trainings are offered to introduce organic products in collective catering restaurants.

“Les Pieds dans le Plat” association brings together trainers, recognized for their expertise in organic collective catering, who have been brought together within a national network for ten years. Motivated by strong convictions, embodying a fertile resistance to junk food, they act to claim the right to healthy and sustainable food for all.

"We are claiming the right to healthy and sustainable food for everyone by embodying a fertile resistance against junk food and the drifts of the food industry, acting as pioneers in the face of pressing societal demand."

Cooks, dietitians, associations representatives, public authorities, other organic canteens partners work to transmit their dietary, culinary knowledge and know-how in a friendly and caring atmosphere and, over the course of meetings, to convince on the merits of their commitment.

Its members participate in awareness-raising actions (conferences, workshops, etc.) with the will to convince by showing examples, by cooking organic meals. Their expertise is regularly requested for other specific support (regional food projects, target audiences, etc.).

Results: In 2018, the association trained around 600 professionals, organized almost 50 training courses, cooked around 1,500 organic and local meals, participated in around 50 awareness-raising actions.

Project leaders

“Professional in organic collective catering recognized for their expertise, cooks, dietitians and partners, we have been united for 10 years around strong convictions. Passionate about cooking, engaged for social and environmental challenges, we all share this same desire to be agents of change by acting on the content of the plates. Everyone eats: food sovereignty is to be won by all and for all! ”

The Little Plus

They operate throughout France as technical experts to support the implementation of sustainable food projects (“Projets Alimentaires Territoriaux”: French supported framework to develop local food systems), whether at the scale of a structure or a territory, or intervene on targeted themes. They notably carried out activities in the metropolis of Bordeaux, Lyon, Grenoble.

Written by Alice Deshons, LFC volunteer - March 2019. 

Last modification : 15 Jun 2020.

Les Pieds dans Le Plat

7 Impasse de la Truffe 24430 Coursac France

National network of cooks, dieticians and other partners of collective organic kitchens who work to transmit their nutritional and culinary skills and to convince by example.


Delphine Beaucé