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Pain et partage : The network of solidarity bakeries


Pain et Partage

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The context 

This organic bread-making project was founded in 1993 by the will of volunteers by creating 5 solidarity bakeries, which produced bread for the benefit of charitable associations in Romania and a bakery with the VIRLANIE Foundation in the Philippines in Manila to integrate children from the street. In 2005, the project was replicated in France with a dimension of economic integration and the creation of an organic bread industry in order to democratize access to quality food.

The project 

The association Pain et Partage, a non-profit association, is a social and professional integration project through the making and delivery of organic breads, which offers employment contracts to people experiencing difficulties in finding a job.

In 2005, the associative project was developed in Marseille with the creation of a solidarity bakery producing bread for the benefit of charity associations. The project consists of 3 dimensions: 

  • a social dimension because it is a social and professional integration project
  • an environmental dimension, by offering organic and local bread without additives and by creating a local sector.
  • a societal dimension because it contributes to awareness against food waste.

Professionalization, formative approach, and economic development have enabled the association to organize itself as a social and professional integration project.


  • 2016 revenue: €380,000
  • Number of customers: 33 
  • In 2016, the association Pain et Partage welcomed 46 employees 
  • Nearly 98,000 people consume the bread produced by the association that provides the 250 actors of the collective catering such as school catering (Sodexo), company canteens (Orange, Airbus,) or supermarkets (Bio c’ bon, Auchan). In 2019, the network of 6 bakeries employs 69 people in professional integration. Two bakeries are located in Marseille, one in Bordeaux, one in Montpellier, one in Lyon and one in Caen. Paris is to host a bakery soon.

Project leader 

The first bakeries were created by volunteers in Romania in 1993.  

With its experience and expertise, the association Pain et Partage has spread by creating Bou'Sol, which is part of a dynamic “Territorial Pole of Economic Cooperation”.

Their objectives: to promote the creation of new cooperative bakeries, to inspire diverse synergies around a wheat/flour/bread sector, to contribute to sustainable economic development of the territories.

In France, the two co-managers of Bou'sol manage the emergence and animation of the different solidarity bakeries “Pain et Partage” at the national level.

The little extra 

What distinguishes this association is the nutritional quality of the bread made with a long fermentation process.

«Offer a man a loaf of bread, he will eat one day, teach him how to do it, and he will eat for ever.»

Founding motto of the association.

This sheet was produced by Alice Deshons and translated Philippine Martin, LFC volunteers - March 2019

Last modification : 30 Apr 2021.

Pain et Partage

5 Rue Antoine Pons 13004 Marseille France

The network of solidarity bakeries “Pain et Partage” manages the production of organic bread for charity associations, medical-social establishments, companies, schools, day nurseries, collective catering groups, solidarity buying groups, etc.


Jacques ARZANO