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mes Producteurs mes Cuisiniers

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At the origin of the project, there is a desire for total transparency, a desire to know what we eat, where the food comes from and how it was produced,  whether it be in shops, at artisans and even in restaurants where it is not necessarily easy to have this information. The project therefore comes from a very simple desire: find restaurants where “homemade” dishes are prepared on the premises from fresh, quality, seasonal and local products supplied by clearly identified producers  with known farming methods and who sell directly.

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A charter for more transparency from seed to fork

The producers, restaurateurs and craftsmen who are members of my Producers and my Chefs agree to respect the charter of the platform.

  • Producers agree to offer products that come exclusively from their own farm. They do not have to have a quality label but must respect good practices such as the seasonality of crops, the non-use of GMOs ...
  • The restaurateurs undertake in particular to compose their cuisine on site, to favor the purchase directly from member producers, on a short circuit and to offer at least a menu of My Producers, My Chefs  (mPmC) with 100% of ingredients from fresh, seasonal and local products identified with their producer.
  • Craftsmen, grocery stores and producer stores agree to favor short-circuit purchasing, to identify producers and restaurants with whom they work and to favor products with lower carbon impacts.
Reportage France 3 Rhône Alpes (4 sept. 2019) 

Interactive map

Consumers have access to an interactive map that allows them to easily locate producers, artisans and restaurateurs who respect the My producers My Chefs charter. For each, a presentation sheet is available as well as an order space for producers and craftspeople and contact details for reservations in the case of restaurants (possibility to book online for restaurants).

The Little Extra

Recreating the link: producers - chefs / consumers - chefs ...

My Producers My Chefs is not just an online platform ; it is a tool to recreate the link between the different actors of the food systems to help each other towards more sustainable practices.

Thanks to a partnership with the CRBA which works for the preservation of old varieties, producers have access to seeds of endemic varieties but which are no longer cultivated in the region. They can then test them and have these forgotten fruits and vegetables tasted by the Chefs who select the interesting varieties and can offer them on the menu of their restaurant.

Written by Anne-Cécile Brit, LFC volunteer - September 2019. 

Last modification : 02 Apr 2020.

mes Producteurs mes Cuisiniers

mes Producteurs mes Cuisiniers Quai du Commerce Lyon France

My Producers My Chefs is a platform for more transparency and ethics from seed to fork. It allows you to recreate links and trust throughout the food chain by easily identifying local producers committed to sustainable food and craftsmen and chefs who enhance local products.


Jean-François Tedesco et Christian Blumer