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Le Supermarché participatif et coopératif de Lyon : DEMAIN


DEMAIN, supermarché coopératif

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Many people in Lyon want to find an alternative to supermarkets for another mode of consumption combining quality products, fairer remuneration for producers while being affordable and respectful of the environment. By taking part in this collective project, citizens become actors in their food and participate in a cooperative and democratic purchasing network.

The desire to create Demain Supermarché is to be able to offer a range of responsible products chosen by the cooperative members themselves: in particular quality products that are more respectful of the environment and in season by promoting short circuits. The unsold items are distributed to associations in order to reduce waste and a large bulk radius makes it possible to reduce packaging. The grocery store is a place of solidarity, conviviality and exchanges where the members invest in the decisions and the operation of the store becoming fully involved in their consumption. It is also a question of promoting social inclusion and raising awareness among cooperators of the environment and sustainable food while helping to structure the region's organic and short supply chains.


The grocery store is a physical place of purchase that differs from the conventional distribution: transparency is total whether in governance or in the choice of assortment. The will of this place is to favor access to responsible products thanks to an alternative model of participative democracy because 1 person = 1 vote. The charter of Demain Supermarché's cooperators puts economic, social, environmental and solidarity values ​​at the center of the project. Cooperators allocate 3h of their time every 4 weeks to work on the operation of the store and can designate a beneficiary who can also do their shopping without making a contribution. Each member of the cooperative is encouraged to take initiatives and discussions are carried out in good faith according to a charter. Only two employees work daily for the operating needs of the store, which minimizes operating costs and offers reduced prices for responsible products accessible to everyone.

The supermarket aims to sell products remunerating the producer at a fair price allowing 20 to 40% savings of equivalent quality thanks to a single margin of 20%, that is to say the same margin on all products. The prices are fixed without any balance of power in a logic of lasting partnership with the producers. The operating costs of the place are reduced thanks to the savings in labor. Tomorrow supermarket has 1,250 product references: food and non-food, such as hygiene and maintenance products.

Project leaders

After working as a salesperson in a large fast food chain, Matthieu Duchesne decided to open a different supermarket, following a different distribution model. Following an awareness, he changed consumption and chose to share the values ​​of sustainable food.

The project is inspired by the Park Slope Food Coop store in Brooklyn (1973) and La Louve in Paris co-founded by Tom Boothe (2016). To support the effort to create and operate the supermarket, an association was created in 2017: it is the Friends of TOMORROW (law 1901). Independent of the cooperative, it aims to create a legal framework and organize the operation of the cooperative.

An online purchasing group, "Le Labo", was opened in May 2018. It was intended to establish a link with the first suppliers and to carry out a model test with a distribution point in Lyon. The cooperative opened in July 2019 in the form of a SAS created with 40 people. The grocery store opened its doors in October 2019.


Governance is shared. A governance committee takes the most important decisions with 21 co-referents elected by the cooperative members as well as the president of the association Les Amis de Demain. Finally, an operational committee manages the operations of specific mission groups in which co-operators are distributed (communication, purchasing, process, human resources, etc.).

Each cooperator owns shares in the company and the amount of their participation varies according to their income. To be able to shop in the supermarket, a member subscribes by buying 10 shares at 10 € (100 €). For people with lower incomes (students, job seekers, beneficiaries of social minima), the membership fee is 10 €. If a cooperator decides to leave the cooperative, his shares are then fully transferred to him.

Currently, the grocery store has over 300 co-operators.


The metropolis of Lyon helped the cooperative to find a place. Tomorrow supermarket is a member of GRAP (Regional Food Group of Proximity) which provides help for the accounting and allows the structure to benefit from the supplier list, from the delivery service (a saving of time for suppliers and a reduction of carbon footprint) and a training service. The unsold products are distributed to associations including Recup ’& bowls (which transforms them). Waste is thus very limited. The ANCIELA association makes the cooperative benefit from its network. Tomorrow has benefited from the sponsorship of the BOL which belongs to GRAP. The Maison de l'Environnement, which has a food and distribution program, lends its kitchen for events as well as rooms for integration meetings of future cooperators.

In order for the store to be autonomous in its operation, Tomorrow needs to recruit 2,000 cooperative members. Demain Supermarché is looking for funds and partnerships in order to diversify its products and develop its activities, following solidary principles. Then, in a second time, Demain Supermarché will start a fundraising campaign to open the supermarket and, in parallel, a subscription campaign to reach 2,000 cooperators. 

The Little Extra

The Mag2Lyon awarded the grocery store the Democracy Trophy in November for the 10th edition of the ESS Trophies. Ultimately, in the "1500 m2 supermarket" phase (associative space to raise awareness of organic and local food), it will be possible to envisage services (daycare, kitchen) for cooperative members in a third place. This self-management model creates social ties because each person can get involved, train and make decisions in order to decide on the product offer, making it an experience of collective governance and raising citizens' awareness of the challenges of sustainable food.

“Collaboration by a collective with central people who form a nucleus to consolidate the project is a key factor in the success of the project.”

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This sheet was produced and translated by Ophélie Jaffrennou, LFC volunteers - June 2021 

Last modification : 10 Jun 2021.

DEMAIN, supermarché coopératif

2 Place des Pavillons 69007 Lyon France

Tomorrow, the cooperative and citizens-run supermarket in Lyon. A supermarket created, managed and possessed by and for its cooperators.


Chrystel Bertrand
Présidente de l’association Les Amis de Demain