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The Radish Bar : taste, cultivate and learn to transform quality products on the rooftops of Grenoble


The Radish Bar!

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In its dynamic transition, the city of Grenoble has undertaken the urban renewal of the Flaubert district into an eco-neighborhood. A call for projects, La Grande Table, was launched to fit out the roof terrace of a building whose construction is planned for 2020. In April 2018, the Bar Radis was named winner of this call, and it is due to open in spring 2021.


The Bar Radis is a restaurant, farming and learning project aimed at promoting food self-sufficiency on a 2000m² rooftop in the heart of the Grenoble metropolis.

It is a vegetable plot, a restaurant bar and a shared food processing workshop, open to the public where we can take training courses and come and make canned food, pasta, jams, ice cream, etc.

Encouraging local residents to produce and consume local, healthy and sustainable food is one of the objectives of this participative, innovative and viable project. This place can perform various functions:

• Bring consumers and producers together,

• Make healthy and sustainable food accessible to all,

• Promote practices that respect the environment

• Introduce alternative knowledge around “eating well and drinking well”

• Reduce food waste


The Bar Radis has two development components:

  • An economic component with a restaurant and bar activity, offering organic and local products as well as craft beers and juices. A welcoming place for workers during their lunch break, as well as for the general public who wish to discover a healthy and affordable local restaurant. 
  • A social component, with urban agriculture projects and food processing workshops. An area of ​​500m² in the open ground will be devoted to organic market gardening to supply the restaurant as well as a greenhouse of 100m². Bins  will also be installed forming a culture space for educational purposes. In order to share knowledge and empower the public, training will be offered around food production and systems. Like a "fablab" of food, the transformation workshop will be a place for exchanging practices, learning and innovation. The Bar Radis can also host conferences, debates, screenings, etc.

Project leaders

The Bar Radis is a multidisciplinary place and brings together three actors:

  • Cultivons Nos Toits, an association which aims to promote urban agriculture through participatory and innovative projects.
  • The restaurant La Tête à l'Envers, with chef Pascal who mixes complex flavors to highlight local and natural ingredients.
  • Maltobar, an artisanal microbrewery in the heart of Grenoble.

The Little Extra

The Bar Radis  has been designated grand winner of the Food and Health category by La Fabrique Aviva. A great reward that ensures a bright future for them.  See you in 2021 on the rooftops of Grenoble.

Written by Eris Papagiannopoulos, LFC volunteer - September 2019. 

Last modification : 14 May 2020.

The Radish Bar!

5 Rue Georges Jacquet 38000 Grenoble France

The Collective Cultivons nos toits, the Tête à l'Envers restaurant and the artisanal microbrewery Maltobar have imagined this new place which brings together a bar, a restaurant, a garden and a shared workshop: The Radish Bar!


Le Bar Radis