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Topager designs and implements urban agriculture projects, on rooftops, walls and on the ground, such as on the roof of the Frame brasserie at the Pullman Tour Eiffel Hotel, “La houblonnière” (workshop to craft beer) or the vegetable farm on top of the Opera Bastille.


In 2012, the Topager company set up a 600m2 vegetable garden on the rooftop of the AgroParisTech school of agronomy. With INRA (national research centre in agronomy), they have put in place experimental plots to test wood-compost combinations and explore agro-ecological techniques on the rooftop.

In partnership with the parisian store “Le Bon Marché”, Topager set up an intensive market garden on the 700 m² rooftop of the store. The production of leafy vegetables, edible flowers, and fresh aromatics is used in the “La Table” restaurant, within the “Grande Épicerie de Paris” store.

Since then, they have won dozens of calls for projects from the city of Paris to set up urban agriculture projects in the city and contribute to urban agriculture projects all over France.

Project leaders

In 2012, Nicolas Bel, engineer, found an interest in eco-design, biomimicry and gardening, while Frédéric Madre was preparing a thesis on the biodiversity of green buildings at the National Museum of Natural History. They came together as a non-profit organization to launch one of the first scientific experiments on rooftop gardening, on the roof of the AgroParisTech national school of agronomy.

El Pequeño Extra

Topager is both implementing urban agriculture projects and experimenting now ways of producing in the city, working closely with the scientific and research environment. 

Written by Martin Hemery, LFC volunteer - November 2018. 

Last modification : 21 Apr 2020.


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Topager is a company in the edible and wild urban landscape. The company designs vegetable gardens and biodiversity refuges, integrating your needs as well as the specific conditions of your site.