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In 2010, the Grenelle 2 law introduced the "polluter pays" principle for bio-waste: beyond a certain threshold, collective catering is now responsible for sorting, collecting and repurposing its bio-waste. Today, this concerns all establishments that produce 10 tons of waste per year, ie an average of 300 meals per day.

Otherwise, the sanction can be heavy: from 75,000 euros up to 150,000 euros in fines, combined with a suspension of activity, or even imprisonment.

Love Your Waste offers mass catering professionals an integrated, responsible and innovative solution.

In 2014, the law about the Energy Transition set ambitious new targets:

  • Recycle 55% of non-unsafe waste by sorting bio-waste directly at the source
  • Reinforce the principle of proximity in waste management to develop short cycles of reusing and recycling.
  • The portion of renewable energies is expected to reach 23% in 2020 and 32% in 2030.

Love Your Waste comes within the scope of these objectives by opting for sorting at the source and the repurposing of bio-waste in renewable energy (biogas) by methanisation : all less than 150km from the collection site.


Love Your Waste helps its customers to set up sorting and organizes the collection and the repurposing of bio-waste in biogas and natural fertilizers.

They offer tailor-made insatalltions, and commit to choose solutions with maximum social and environmental impact, 100% adapted to the particularities of each place.

Love Your Waste defines with its customers an adapted collection plan adapted and guarantees a quality procedure in collaboration with a social integration structure of long-term unemployed.

The compagny also offers its customers a monitoring of the process of their waste, from the departure of the refectory to he final processing : transport to a methanation, traceability on the volume of collected and processed waste, issuing of a certificate of repurposing true to the Grenelle 2 law.

Project leaders

The Love Your Waste team is complementary and transgenerational.

  • President, Jérôme Perrin
  • General Manager, Juliette Franquet
  • Logistics Manager, Morgane Noury
  • Project manager food waste and awareness, Alina Marion

Written by Clémence Guignard, LFC volunteer - May 2019

Last modification : 30 Mar 2020.

Love Your Waste

Love your waste Rue des Martyrs Paris France

Startup located in Paris whose the mission is to help reduce food waste and collect bio-waste to repurpose them into renewable gas and natural agricultural fertilizer.