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Pazari i Ri – New Bazaar


Pazari i Ri

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The Pazari i Ri, also known as the New Bazaar, is a real institution in Tirana, it was created in 1939 and has undergone many changes over the years before becoming the infrastructure we know today. Located in the centre of Tirana in one of the oldest districts of the city, it has always been a place of life and exchange where the inhabitants of the city came to buy their daily supplies. With the development of commercial activities, it was necessary to demolish it to rebuild a new, larger and more functional one in 1959. For many years, this bazaar remained a place of trade in food products necessary for the exchanges in Tirana, as it was the only trading centre for fruit, vegetables, meat and fish. Becoming relatively old and unfit for use over time, the Municipality of Tirana with the support of the Albanian American Development Foundation (AADF) launched in 2013 a new renovation of the place which was completed five years later, in 2018, and which constitutes the current New Bazaar.

The project

The New Bazaar project did not only consist of rebuilding the old building, but also of redesigning the entire neighbourhood. The area is now a lively place with a variety of culinary and cultural activities. The New Bazaar is home to 308 companies, generating a total of more than a thousand new jobs. The area is organised into two distinct spaces: the closed market and the green market. The closed market houses cafés as well as sales outlets offering meat, fish and pastries. The green market is the bazaar area where fruit and vegetables are sold, it hosts 120 local vendors and is open daily. Among the shops in the bazaar are small businesses committed to selling local organic products, as well as regional specialties: iconic regional pastries, local spirits, Albanian apples... The market offers a wide variety of local, seasonal fruits and vegetables, encouraging healthy and sustainable eating habits. The New Bazaar is open all the time, inviting you to go to the market in the morning, and to enjoy the shops and restaurants in the afternoon, as well as to participate in artistic and cultural activities, such as fairs, festivals, concerts, children's theatres etc.

Today the market is a place combining tradition and modernity, the choice of keeping old architectural elements and combining them with more modern features reflects the will of Albania to put a point of honour on its rich cultural and culinary heritage, while highlighting innovative, inspired and inspiring initiatives.

For who ?

The New Bazaar is aimed at all those who want to consume local, seasonal products, promoting the producers, farmers and traders of the region, while offering the inhabitants of Tirana a wide variety of products and activities. It has also become a tourist attraction, allowing visitors to discover the current and traditional Albanian culinary culture.

Little extra

One year after its opening, the New Bazaar has won the "Best Renewal Project 2018" award from the Emerging Europe Awards, which recognises good practice in Eastern European countries. The jury highlighted the successful transformation of the New Bazaar into a new tourist destination of choice, a place of rich culinary and cultural life that has retained older traditional elements.

This initiative sheet was written by Mathis Kugel, in civic service at Let's Food in May 2023.


Last modification : 17 May 2023.

Pazari i Ri

Sheshi Avni Rustemi Tirana Albanie

The Pazari i Ri (or New Bazaar) is a central place in Tirana with a market of local producers, many restaurants and shops, and various cultural activities.