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Paupiette: bringing generations together over a meal



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Many people live in many cities, however many elderly people suffer from isolation. The web platform “Paupiette” puts these elderly people in contact with young students, looking for healthy and economical meals. Paupiette reminds us of the social function of food and encourages intergenerational exchanges.


Paupiette is the name of a web platform whose purpose is to put elderly people in touch with students to share a meal. The menu, between 4 and 7 euros, is offered by seniors via the platform, and students sign up for a meal with the host chosen on the platform. The host can choose the students she/he wishes to welcome or not.

Project leaders and partners

Enora Goulard founded Paupiette in 2016, at the age of 18.

Paupiette has since received the support of various associations of neighborhoods and city halls in order to publicize the initiative among elderly people whose access to the internet is sometimes limited.

Paupiette is supported by the Carrefour Foundation and Macif Foundation.

Development, future projects?

The Paupiette interface has already evolved since its creation, going from an email exchange model to a platform that requires the creation of a profile to reassure hosts about the students they welcome at home. Paupiette has also expanded to cover 3 cities today: Quimper, Bordeaux, Paris.

The Little Extra

Paupiette is a model of solidarity economy through which all participants have an immediate advantage to gain from human exchange. The idea is also based on the observation of isolation of the elderly in all French cities, and perhaps in other countries as well.

Written by Blandine Arvis, LFC volunteer - December 2018. 

Last modification : 08 Jul 2020.


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Paupiette is a web platform whose purpose is to put elderly people in touch with students to share a meal.