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Mangez bio Isère / Eat Organic Isère Group of producers to supply an area with organic and local products


Mangez Bio Isère

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Can you eat organic and local in Isère? This is the challenge of Eat Bio Isère, a cooperative company which develops short circuits and access to healthy products from organic farming.

A major player in the structuring of the organic sector in the Isère region since 2005, Mangez Bio Isère brings together more than 50 organic producers and processors as well as a salaried team. This cooperative acts for an organic and local supply of food professionals, especially in collective catering.


Eat Organic Isère acts at each stage of the organic sector to promote a local economy, respect for the environment, access to quality products for all and the integration of each actor in the chain. The cooperative society has thus developed a wide offer touching different trades.

  • LOGISTICS - First of all, purchases and supplies are made in close collaboration with local producers, members of the cooperative, to guarantee traceability and high product quality. In order to preserve their freshness, Mangez Bio Isère has developed an efficient logistics platform that meets the requirements of short circuits. Transport is optimized for delivery from field to plate.
  • ONLINE ORDER - To meet the needs of food professionals, Mangez Bio Isère has an adapted commercial offer, notably thanks to online orders, a service that provides responsiveness.
  • TRACEABILITY - Finally, all along the chain, Mangez Bio Isère guarantees quality of service and products with total transparency and rigorous traceability.


The territory of Isère is rich in varied organic farming: dairy products such as Saint Marcellin PGI chesse or lentils from Trièves, producers in Isère highlight the resources and specialties of the department. Mangez Bio Isère works in collaboration with cooperative farmers to develop the agricultural sectors of Isère: vegetables, fruit, meats, dairy products and grocery stores, all to offer a tasty and diverse range to their customers.


Mangez Bio Isère today supplies more than 140 establishments. The logistics platform has expanded with twice as much space at the Grenoble National Interest Market. For 2 years, the cooperative society has offered its services not only to public establishments but also to food businesses.

With the dynamics of the Isère department for "Eating organic and differently" to promote a healthy and local diet, and, with the growth in demand on the organic market, Mangez Bio Isère has great prospects for promoting organic agriculture in Isère. Manger Bio Isère also offers activities at the establishments it supplies!

The Little Extra

Mangez Bio Isère is a Cooperative Company of Collective Interest, it therefore meets the principles of the Social and Solidarity Economy (ESS) and federates around strong values ​​such as the development of a local economy, the involvement of producers, access to healthy food and respect for the planet.

Written by Eris Papagiannopoulos, LFC volunteer - September 2019. 

Last modification : 14 May 2020.

Mangez Bio Isère

40 Avenue Marcelin Berthelot Grenoble France

Eat Bio Isère is a cooperative of organic producers and processors which aims for healthier food, a sustainable economy for all and a harmonious development of our territories.


Lydéric Motte