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VN Vin Bio is the managing company of the brand “Les apéros Bio de Pierre et Nico”, two young entrepreneurs from Montpellier. Their business aims to transform and develop recipes for aperitif drinks with alcohol, based mainly on white wine, flowers and fruits. After two years of marketing in Occitania, Apéro Bio are now distributed throughout France, in addition to their local customers. Their sales are growing mainly in organic store chains, such as Biocoop and Vie Claire.

Their points of sale, on their interactive map:



Les Apéros Bio de Pierre et Nico has several ranges of aperitif drinks at 11% vol and low sugar, all developed directly by Pierre and Nicolas, the two founders. The latter decided to reinvent the tradition of the aperitif by creating this range of artisanal organic drinks made in France, in particular the Languedoc-Roussillon region for organic wine.

Products :

  • The Subtle: with rose, violet and poppy petals,
  • Le Gourmand: with raspberry berries, redcurrant and a hint of flowers,
  • The Original: with blackcurrant and blueberry berries and flowers.
  • Les Apéros Bio products are coloring- and preservative-free.

Project leaders

Pierre and Nicolas are two agronomists and oenologists who met at school, both of them children, who grew up in a rural and agricultural environment in the Montpellier region.


VN Vin Bio was supported by the AgroValo Méditerranée incubator, from Montpellier SupAgro, INRA and INRA Transfert), hosted on the Gaillarde campus, for technical and scientific support in the research and development of their products regional. "Les Apéros Bio de Pierre et Nico" is one of the 37 companies incubated by AgroValo Méditerranée.


This young start-up received recognition for the “Best Organic Product” of the year. This distinction is created by Biotopia (formerly Bio à la Une), a communication and consultancy company for brands labeled organic and ecological.

The Little Extra

Consumers are increasingly attracted to organic products for multiple reasons (product quality, health, food safety, etc.). How are Pierre & Nico's organic aperitifs a response to consumers' expectations?

Les Apéros Bio are organic aperitifs made in France, made with French organic wine. The raw materials used to make these aperitifs are carefully selected by Pierre and Nico, two agronomic oenologists. Particular attention is paid to the naturalness of the products.

“We have developed a specific production process which allows us to use very low sulphite contents, unlike competing products on this market. In addition, our aperitifs are light in alcohol (11% vol), as well as in sugars, which corresponds to consumers' expectations in terms of safety and health.”

Excerpt from an interview with managers by the SupAgro Montpellier School.

Written by Claire Caillaud, LFC volunteer - June 2019. 

Last modification : 09 Apr 2020.

VN Vins Bios

2 Place Pierre Viala Bâtiment 2 34060 Montpellier

Pierre and Nico's Aperos Bio are a range of 100% natural, light (11% vol) and slightly sweet artisanal aperitifs, made from maceration of flower petals and French artisanal fruit.


Nicolas de Royer Dupré