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Le Comptoir paysans d’Oc: The store 100% direct from producers


Comptoir paysans d’oc

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At the Comptoir paysans d'oc, quality, seasonality and products from sustainable or organic farming are at the center of our commitments. Indeed, the goal is to promote local producers and by extension support the local economy.

Our values ​: 

  • Transparency concerning both livestock and agriculture,
  • Direct from the Producer: No intermediary between the producer and the distributor, only one for the consumer,
  • As local as possible: farms and productions are generally within a radius of 150 km,
  • Respect for seasonality: for taste and to teach children about the different fruit and vegetable seasons


Some producers:

Project leaders

Since March 2013, eight producers have joined forces to offer local and short-circuit, seasonal and quality products, from sustainable or organic farming and small cooked dishes.

The Little Extra

Festive Saturdays are organized in the store for tastings of local products or initiations

Written by Claire Caillaud, LFC volunteer - June 2019. 

Last modification : 30 Apr 2020.

Comptoir paysans d’oc

Le Comptoir Paysans d’Oc Rue Montels l’EgliseTournezy 34970 LATTES

Le Comptoir paysans d'oc is a producer store created in 2013, near Montpellier, the products offered are directly supplied by producers; breeders, market gardeners, poultry farmers, cheese makers, beekeepers, winegrowers, etc.