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Kokopelli: Rights-free and reproducible organic seeds



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Today, six major food groups own 60% of the world's seeds. These large seed companies sell to farmers and farm managers the seeds that will be sown here and there on the planet. These seeds - mostly GMOs - are hybrids and must therefore be bought each year. They were designed to withstand climatic hazards and the possible attacks of certain predators. However, to be able to grow, these seeds must be sown with specific fertilizers and be periodically treated with pesticides and other phytosanitary products corresponding to the property of the hybrid seed. These same companies produce and market 75% of phytosanitary products.

Only the most resistant and productive varieties are used, which induces a phenomenal loss of biodiversity because if they are not protected the local varieties, old ones will eventually die out. This standardization only increases the problems, since this phenomenon is responsible for the impoverishment of the food we consume which is not very nutritious thus explaining the food deficiencies from which we suffer, the depletion of the soil, the loss of culinary and cultural heritage.

This situation of dependence is harmful at all levels and especially dangerous when you know that these firms have obtained the right to patent the living organisms ...

More and more people are rising up against this system and trying to circumvent the Law by going beyond the existing prohibitions. The Kokopelli association works for the protection of food biodiversity and sells seeds that are not from the catalog imposed by the big seed companies. Grain libraries, the principle of which is based on the exchange of free seeds between individuals, are beginning to emerge everywhere around the country.

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Since 1999 the Kokopelli Association has been dedicated to the protection of food and medicinal biodiversity, to the production of seeds and plants from agro-ecology, and to the support of farming communities that no longer have access to fertile seeds.
Depending on the season, between 1400 and 2000 varieties or species are available at Kokopelli. This range - unique by its living and transmissible nature - is a treasure that we protect with the help of our professional network of producers / multipliers.

Kokopelli's actions:

  • Distribute free and reproducible seeds. In our shop in Ariège, at organic fairs and shows, in our points of sale and on the internet. The association also has a fleet of extremely precise professional sorting machines - which are made available to all our producers - in order to guarantee exemplary seed both in terms of appearance and germination. This first mission guarantees Kokopelli total financial autonomy and allows it to develop our other missions
  • Provide free of charge the communities of the countries exploited by the West with the tools to regain a seed autonomy, and therefore food. Thanks to our Seeds Without Borders campaign, we send hundreds of kilos of seeds every year all over the planet. Sending these seeds very often is contraband and we thank all the activists, who combine business with pleasure, by taking this precious commodity with them - proof of a fertile insubordination of the populations in the face of the oppressors - on their travels ! We also thank all the producers of amateur seeds who each year send us, large quantities of seeds intended for this campaign. These seeds are welcome, because they are added to the seeds from our network of professional producers and allow us to meet an ever-growing demand!
  • Be real whistleblowers! This essential mission led by the founder of the association - Dominique Guillet - offers us a strong militant vision of the situation of the biosphere.
  • Help develop new free and reproducible varieties.
  • Training and transmitting skills and knowledge is essential to the empowerment of populations. It is for this reason that, as soon as we have the opportunity, we organize workshops, conferences or seminars on many themes related to the agriculture of yesterday and especially that of tomorrow.

Project leaders

The Kokopelli association was founded - by fervent defenders of biodiversity and medicinal plants, Dominique and Sofy Guillet and Jocelyn Moulin - in 1999.

The Little Extra

  • Every 2 or 3 years we also organize a big festival where we bring together many stakeholders (activists, farmers, scientists, whistleblowers, committed artists, etc.) who share their know-how or their knowledge .
  • On our blog -  - we also share many techniques and information related to the production of seeds in the family garden.

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Last modification : 31 Mar 2020.


Le Mas-d'Azil Ariège France

Since 1999 the Kokopelli Association has been dedicated to the protection of food and medicinal biodiversity, to the production of seeds and plants from agro-ecology, and to the support of farming communities that no longer have access to fertile seeds.


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