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Supply & Distribution, a tool for producers who wish to sell directly on the internet


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Citizens who set up local purchasing groups or CSAs are faced with many practical challenges: What are the tools to simplify order management, mailings, payment and order distribution?

Similarly, producers who sell directly are often helpless to manage their sales effectively. Many still continue to take orders by phone or SMS and have no visibility on the Internet.

How to help producers and citizens to develop short circuits in their territory thanks to suitable digital tools and training?


To meet these needs, was created. It is an open source web platform that takes no commission on sales. The approach is supported by ALILO SAS, so it is not an association.

They run professional training courses throughout France for producers who wish to develop their sales with and on the Internet in general.

Project leaders

Sébastien Zulke, agricultural engineer and François Barbut, web developer met in 2014 thanks to their shared passion for local food chains.

In October 2018, they trained 200 producers and hosts 700 delivery points which represent 30,000 orders per month.

The Little Extra

Unlike the majority of web players, they take no commission on sales. is remunerated through the dissemination of knowledge enabling the development of short circuits thanks to their status as an approved training organization.

Written by François Barbut, co-founder of - November 2018.

Last modification : 11 May 2020.

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