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Biofuture develops the Quintesens brand of organic oils and condiments adapted to nutritional needs



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Nutrition is a fairly young science that has come a long way in the past 60 years. We have notably discovered that fat is an essential part of our diet. However the term “fat” includes many different molecules which we need in different quantities to have a balanced diet. In addition, there is an urgent need to review our diet so that it becomes more sustainable. Having not found oils in the current offer that meet these criteria, Biofuture launched the Quintesens brand in order to offer oils and condiments adapted to different nutritional needs while being more respectful of the planet.


Biofuture is a Small/Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) created in 2011 by Sébastien, a dad concerned about feeding his child. He developed the Quintesens brand in order to offer oils and condiments that respect food needs but also the environment. The products used are organic, as far as possible French, processed and packaged in France. They are respectful of human health and suitable for each age of life through the use of oils particularly rich in essential fatty acids: rapeseed, flax and marine oil.

Project leaders

The idea of Biofuture came to Sebastien in 2007 at Sébastien when he had to add oil to his son's baby meals. Having worked for companies like Lesieur, he realized that the offer on the market did not correspond to what he wanted to give to his son.

He was helped by Lene, who has been responsible for marketing since 2011. Following the brand's success, Marie joined them in 2017 to ensure the brand's CSR development.


The company has received numerous awards for its products: the best organic product of the year 2017 for the tonic vinaigrette, the remarkable company label in 2016 and sustainable organic company in 2019.

The Little Extra

The electricity used for the offices is Enercoop certified electricity.

Written by Anne-Fleur Jacquemot, LFC volunteer - May 2019. 

Last modification : 22 May 2020.


70 rue de la Coquillade Espace Eole - Hall A 13540 PUYRICARD

Biofuture is an SME which develops the Quintesens brand in order to offer oils and condiments which respect food needs but also the environment.


Directeur - Fondateur 04 13 57 03 90