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Entreprise Lu and Harmony Program: A charter for respecting the environment


Charte Lu Harmony

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The Lu company was founded in Nantes in 1846 and is now owned by the Mondelez international group. It is the leader in the French biscuit market. In France, there are 9 factories including one in the Hague Fouassière which employs 360 people.

Main Corporate Social Responsability (CSR)

Lu developed the “Harmony Program” in 2008. This program consists of growing wheat as close as possible to factories, promoting biodiversity and following specifications called the “Harmony Charter”. This charter aims to sustainable practices to produce the wheat for the biscuits.


To create this charter, Lu was inspired by the principles of sustainable agriculture: promoting crop rotation and reducing the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizer. 

In addition, farmers are being supported in their transition by the NGO “Trees and Landscapes” on agroforestry techniques and by the enterprise Agrosolutions.


The application of this charter has made it possible to reduce the use of pesticides by 20% compared to the French average, and to create 675 hectares dedicated to biodiversity.

Other CSR projects

Lu has reduced the environmental impact of its factories by reducing the use of water and energy: between 2010 and 2015, there is a 15% reduction in water, electricity and waste usage

Mondelez international is also financially supporting local non-profit organizations such as “Les Petits Princes”, “Premier de cordée” and “Sport dans la ville”.

Written by Anne-Fleur Jacquemot, LFC volunteer - May 2019. 

Last modification : 02 May 2020.

Charte Lu Harmony

Nantes France

Lu's Harmony Program was set up in 2008 to preserve the environment and biodiversity.