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Precariousness of farmers, diseases caused by the quality of our food, lack of transparency, depletion of natural resources, food insecurity... the list of current issues around food is unfortunately long. Faced with these findings, 4 young women gathered and chose to leave around the world to meet the actors of change, those who bring positive and viable solutions to change our agriculture and our food in the long term.

It is to better understand the impact of our consumption mode and contribute to the change that the association I FEED GOOD was created in 2016.


I FEED GOOD was born from a round-the-world project: in 2017-2018 Julie, Morgane, Anaïs and Lara left around the globe, to meet committed and inspiring initiatives in emerging and developing countries.

Their mission: to support, promote and give voice to project leaders turned towards a desirable future. During this journey, the objective was to participate in solidarity missions for the actors, to share these initiatives through multimedia contents, and to raise awareness among the youngest through an educational program.
The missions for the actors were articulated around 4 axes:

  • social impact measurement: it measures how a project has impacts on the people it affects (for example on their well-being, their health, their living environment, etc.).
  • field studies, to help them on specific aspects of their activities
  • the creation of communication supports, so that they can promote their actions
  • business development, to support them in developing their project (market studies for example)

After this long journey, the desire to continue meeting actors in France gave birth to the podcast “Qu’est ce qu’on food?”, which was launched in 2020, and explores in 30 minutes an inspiring project: cooperative supermarket, organic city, urban farming...

Discover here (in French):


More than 40 committed initiatives were shared, between Asia and Latin America. Two first videos were produced which alone accumulated more than 130,000 views. 5 podcasts were shared and the educational programs were followed by 200 young people in France.

Written by Louise Galipaud, volunteer LFC - June 2020.

Last modification : 25 Jul 2020.


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The team of I FEED GOOD meets the actors involved in sustainable food practices and shares their discoveries. The objectives: raise awareness regarding our food system and its issues, disseminate solutions to contribute to changing practices, and support committed projects.


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