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HopHopFood: the application to promote food donations between individuals



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HopHopFood is a digital food sharing platform created in response to the following observation: in France, food insecurity coexists with impressive rates of food waste.

In fact, nearly 9 million people are in food insecurity and cannot access sufficient quality food. At the same time, 13 kg of food is thrown away, on average, per person each year. In big cities like Paris, the waste reaches 70 kilos per person per year.

In response to this, HopHopFood has created a free application, available on mobile, tablet and computer, to facilitate food donation. The principle is simple: individuals offer food online that they may soon have to throw away; people nearby can then select and retrieve them.


The missions carried by HopHopFood are multiple:

Axis 1: Fight against food insecurity and encourage a varied and qualitative diet for all, in particular by promoting donation and consumption of fresh products. HopHopFood focuses its action on the most vulnerable categories of the population: young people and students in precarious situations, migrant populations, single women…

Axis 2: Donate instead of throwing away: HopHopFood is an innovative way to combat food waste by promoting donation between individuals.

Axis 3: Encourage the meeting between neighbors and the development of solidarity relationships. HopHopFood works thanks to a geolocation system, thus allowing the creation of a proximity link. The fight against social exclusion is at the heart of the project.

Project leaders

The HopHopFood association was founded in 2016 by Michel Montagu, Sibylle Azandossessy and Jean-Claude Mizzi. Today, they are supported in their mission by volunteers and volunteers in civic service.

Written by Perrine Judenne, LFC volunteer - December 2018.

Last modification : 22 Jul 2020.


281 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine Paris France

HopHopFood is a digital food sharing platform which has 3 objectives:
- fight against food waste
- encourage and facilitate food donations
- create social links