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Grenoble Alpes Métropole provides composters and offers composting training to its residents


The Metropolis of Grenobles-Alpes

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“Peelings, leftover meals, coffee grounds, stale bread, expired products ... Food waste represents 30% of the weight of our household waste. In the metropolis, this is equivalent to 27,000 tonnes per year, or around 60 kilos per inhabitant.” Source: La Métro

The Metropolis has been treating waste since 1972. Sorting organic waste makes it possible to produce quality compost, but also renewable energy (biogas). "The calculation has been made: this material, which is not used today, could cover the energy needs of 700 homes of 100 m2 or supply fuel for buses and municipal dustbins. A windfall that it’s now a question of recovering to enhance it ” La Métro

Provision of composters and training in composting

In addition to the bio-waste collection system, the city also encourages its inhabitants to compost their bio-waste themselves. "Indeed, composting your food waste on site remains the most ecological and economical solution, since it involves no costs or pollution linked to transport. The Metropolis therefore wishes to encourages individual composting, and also composting in "collective" mode, in co-ownerships, educational establishments, residences for the elderly, etc. "

Since May 2019,

  • the metropolis has made garden composters, bio-buckets and vermicomposters specially adapted to apartments available to its residents free of charge.
  • The community also offers free workshops throughout the year on composting and vermicomposting training.
  • The Metropolis also supports the inhabitants of the 49 municipalities for the installation of composters in a shared and collective space. The system is also possible within educational establishments (elementary, middle or high school), by associating the pupils within the framework of an educational project. 

There are already a hundred or so composting sites shared or installed within educational establishments within the metropolis.

The Little Extra

Written by Alice Deshons, LFC volunteer - August 2019. 

Last modification : 13 May 2020.

The Metropolis of Grenobles-Alpes

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Convert 30% of the waste from your gray bin into compost! Grenoble-Alpes Métropole supports you by offering you free composters, training and advice.


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