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Eating City – Summer Campus


Eating City

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The context

The main objective of the Eating City Summer Campus is to facilitate networking by bringing together researchers, professionals and dynamic young people for a week in order to reflect on solutions to foster the transition towards sustainable agri-food systems.

The project

Implementation :

The week is punctuated by seminars, group work sessions as well as recreational activities and free time in order to stimulate dialogue and reflection between participants and speakers.

All editions include a broad introduction to issues related to sustainable food systems in all their complexity. Depending on the main theme of the campus, specific issues range from sustainable food production systems to agro-ecology, public food services and supply, intercultural aspects of food, communication, and marketing, etc. Plenary sessions are given by professionals and experts working in universities, businesses, local authorities, and civil society.

At the end of the week, participants are invited to draft a joint statement together to express their vision of sustainable food systems according to the main theme of the campus.

Means :

The Eating City Summer Camp is organized every year by the international platform Eating City, founded in 2010 by Maurizio Mariani, Isabel Lacourt and Arie Van den Brand. The camp is funded by the Charles Leopold Mayer Foundation (FPH) and the International University College of Turin.

The results

Seven Eating City summer camps have been organized since 2011 and more than 140 young people have had the opportunity to come and learn, exchange and reflect on the complicated issue of the transition to sustainable agrifood systems. Seven Villarceaux declarations have been recorded and served as a basis for advocacy with international political bodies.

The little extra

The camp is free of charge!

This initiative sheet was written by Marie-Flore Doyen, LFC volunteer - October 2020.

Last modification : 10 May 2021.

Eating City

73470 Marcieux France

The main objective of the Eating City summer campus is to facilitate the creation of networks by bringing together researchers, professionals and dynamic young people for a week to reflect on the solutions to be put in place to promote the transition to sustainable food systems.


Maurizio Mariani
Fondateur et directeur